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Historical Artist - Dosso Dossi (1490 - 1542)

At the age of twenty-five, Dosso Dossi was painting religious and secular cabinet pictures. Ten years later, he began working for the dukes of Ferrara and spent most of his career there producing independent works and sometimes collaborating with his brother, Battista. Dossi’s work contains many allegorical and personal mysteries. His work was centered on landscape and light and then infused with Titian’s color and Ferrarese painters’ fantastical themes. After a trip to Rome in 1520, Dosso began using poses from Michelangelo’s work and ancient Laocoon sculpture. Battista took over the workshop at Dosso’s death in 1542. Dosso Dossi is known less for his naturalism or attention to design, and more for cryptic allegorical conceits in paintings around mythological themes, a favored subject for the humanist Ferrarese court.

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