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Historical Artist - Karel Dujardin (1626 - 1678)

Karel Dujardin is thought to have studied under Nicolaes Berchem and Paulus Potter, although that had never been confirmed. Based on his subject matter, he probably traveled to Italy in the 1640’s and then lived and worked in France for two years in the early 1650’s. Later in the decade, Dujardin lived in Amsterdam and The Hague where he helped found the artist’ society, De Pictura. The Italian and Flemish Baroque artists influenced his detailed and brightly-lit landscapes. Dujardin traveled to Italy in 1675 and began painting river scenes and figures in a gray palette. Most of his paintings are cabinet paintings of Italianate landscapes and or with farm animals and peasants. His landscapes have spirit and harmony, his figures expression, and his colour the brilliancy which distinguishes his school. His paintings are rare and command a high price. He also published fifty-two etchings of similar subjects, with great spirit and ease.

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