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Historical Artist - Jean Duvet (1485 - 1561)

Little is known of the life of Jean Duvet, also nicknamed the Master of the Unicorn. He received this pseudonym on account of his series of engravings depicting the hunting of the unicorn. Although is recorded that he spent most of his life in Langres and Dijon, his work reveals a Renaissance influence, which reveals that he may have lived in Italy for a period. His most famous work is a series of 24 engravings based on the Apocalypse, completed and published in 1561. He had a highly personal style, often compared to that of William Blake, with very crowded plates, a certain naive quality, and intense religious feeling. Duvet's work contrasts strongly with the sophisticated art produced at the court of Fontainebleau. In its religious mysticism and quasi-Gothic sensibility, it partly harks back to the Middle Ages.

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