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Historical Artist - Charles Lock Eastlake (1806 - 1864)

Sir Charles Lock Eastlake first studied under Haydon. After sketching Napoleon’s departure from Plymouth to exile in St. Helena, he produced his first famous work, Napoleon on Board the Bellerophon. He then lived in Rome from 1816 to 1830, and painted scenes of the Roman Campagna that sold well in England. Eastlake became the president of the Royal Academy in 1850 and also the director of the National Gallery in 1855. He also wrote two pieces, Materials for a History of Oil Painting and a translation of Goethe’s Theory of Colors. Eastlake died in Pisa, Italy on Christmas Eve, 1865, and is buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, London. His will provided for the Gallery to purchase his own collection of paintings. Lady Eastlake also sold her husband's art history book collection to the Gallery's library.

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