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Historical Artist - Albert Eckhout (1610 - 1665)

Albert Eckhout established himself as a painter while on a Dutch expedition to Brazil from 1637 to 1644. On this trip, Eckhout and other artists accompanied Johan Maurits, the Dutch governor –general, and documented the country’s plants, animals, and people. Upon their return to Holland, Maurits commissioned him to produce a painting series that depicted the things they saw in South America. This series was given to Louis XIV in 1679. The Gobelins Tapestry Manufactory also used them as designs. Eckhout was among the first European artists to paint scenes from the New World. In 1636, he traveled to Dutch Brazil, invited by count John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen. There, he painted portraits of natives, slaves and mulattos. He is also famous for his still lifes of Brazilian fruits and vegetables. The majority of his work is now stored at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. In art history, he is taken to be part of Baroque.

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