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Introduction to Fauvism
The label "Fauvism" does not apply to a school or movement in art. Rather, it describes a
loose grouping of artists between the years about 1905 to 1907 who, finding themselves in
pursuit of a more direct, unfettered form of expression than was the accepted norm, banded
together around Matisse and exhibited together more

The Fauve Style
A difference between Fauvism and Impressionism can be discerned, for instance
through an examination of the treatment of brush marks by the two groups. Fauvist works
produced during 1905 are characterised by what Elderfield calls a "mixed technique
Fauvism". This style, initiated by Matisse and Derain, consisted of rendering the subject in a
variety of broken paint marks more

Matisse and Fauvism
In order to understand the sometimes widely divergent styles and aims of the painters
loosely grouped under the title "Fauve", it must be recognised that different artists
responded in particular ways to a wealth of later 19th century influences, and adapted
aspects of these quite consciously as vehicles for individual expression more

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