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Historical Artist - Aniello Falcone (1607 - 1656)

Born in Naples, Aniello Falcone was one of the leading artists in his native city during his lifetime. He painted religious subjects but was remembered for his battle scenes. He gained an international reputation in this genre but his career was cut short after his death from the plague in 1656. He first received some instruction from a relative, and then became one of the most prominent pupils apprenticed under José de Ribera. Salvatore Rosa, in turn, is said to have apprenticed under Aniello. Besides battle pictures, large and small, taken from biblical as well as secular history, he painted various religious subjects, which, however, count for little in his general reputation. He became, as a battle painter, almost as celebrated as Giacomo Borgognone, and was named L' Oracolo delle Battaglie. His works have animation, variety, truth to nature, and careful color. Falcone was bold, generous, accustomed to arms, and an excellent fencer. Two of his battle-pieces are to be seen in the Louvre and in the Naples museum; he painted a portrait of Masaniello, and engraved a few plates.

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