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Historical Artist - Domenico Fetti (1589 - 1623)

Domenico Fetti was a Venetian painter who was greatly influenced by Peter Paul Rubens, Adam Elsheimer, and the Caravaggists. He become the Mantuan court’s painter in 1613 and continued to study the works of Rubens and Guido Romano. He painted large frescoes during this time, but was most talented at working in a small scale. Fetti was also a talented portraitist. He left Mantua in 1622 and settled in Venice. He stayed there despite the Duke of Mantua’s pleas for him to return. He painted small easel pictures, many which illustrated the Parables. These painting were popular and he often repeated them. Fetti became ill and died in 1623. In Venice where he remained despite pleas from the Duke to return to Mantua, Fetti changed his style: his formalised painting style became more painterly and colourful. In addition, he devoted attention to smaller cabinet pieces that adapt genre imaging to religious stories. His group of paintings entitled Parables, which represent New Testament scenes, are at the Dresden Gemäldegalerie. He influenced Leonaert Bramer. His style appears to be influenced by Rubens.

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