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Futurism 1909 - 1910
20 February 1909. The Foundation Manifesto was published on the front page of Le Figaro
in Paris. This action formally launched the movement. It was here that Futurism was largely
codified: subsequent amendments and additions were written but there were no radical
deviations from these first postulates more

Futurism 1911 - 1912
1911 is an important year for Futurist painting. It is the year in which painting that may be
identified as Futurist appeared. Work were displayed in La Mostra d'Arte Libera (Exhibition
of Free Art) in Milan in the spring, the first exhibition to include specific Futurist works by
Boccioni, Carra, and Russolo. It also included works by the untrained, by children and by
labourers more

Futurism 1913 - 1915
The most important exhibition this year was held in February in Rome Interest in
Futurist work was by now fairly widespread and extended as far as America where the
Futurists were invited to participate in the Armoury show more

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