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Historical Artist - Claude Gillot (1673 - 1722)

Claude Gillot was originally taught by his father who was a painter and an embroiderer. He then learned to paint and etch in Jean-Baptiste Corneille’s studio in Paris. He entered the Academie Royale in 1715 and worked as a decorator, book illustrator, tapestry cartoonis, and opera set and costume designer. His sportive mythological landscape pieces, with such titles as Feast of Pan and Feast of Bacchus, opened the Academy of Painting at Paris to him in 1715; and he then adapted his art to the fashionable tastes of the day, and introduced the decorative fêtes champêtres, in which he was afterwards surpassed by his pupils. He was also closely connected with the opera and theatre as a designer of scenery and costumes.

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