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Historical Artist - Marsden Hartley (1877 - 1943)

Born in the United States, Marsden Hartley held his first solo exhibition in 1909 with the assistance of Alfred Stieglitz. Three years later, he traveled to Europe and lived there until 1916. His work was a reflection on modernist ideas, incorporating concepts of Expressionism and Cubism but also his own response. Hartley returned to the United States in 1918 and began landscape painting in a more traditional yet still stylized fashion. He spent his later life in traveling, beginning with a return to Europe in 1921. A decade later, he traveled to Mexico before settling in his home state of Maine. His last paintings were mostly coastal or mountain scenes. Marsden Hartley traveled throughout the USA and Europe in the early years of the 20th century. Considered an early modernist, Hartley was a nomadic painter for much of his life. He painted from Maine to Massachusetts, in New Mexico, California, New York and Western Europe. Finally, after spending many years away from his native state, he returned to Maine toward the end of his life. He wanted to become "the painter of Maine" and depict American life at a local level. In this way, he is a member of the regionalists, a group of artists from the early to mid 20th century that attempted to represent a distinctly "American art."

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