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Historical Artist - Francis Hayman (1708 - 1776)

Francis Hayman, English illustrator and painter, probably first studied with Gainsborough. He eventually became one of England’s most flexible artists, painting literature and theater subjects, folklore scenes, and portraits. He was also deemed the best historical painter in England before Cipriani. Hayman was also a prolific book illustrator and occasionally collaborated with Gravelot. He was president of the Society of Artists from 1766 to 1768 and helped found the Royal Academy in 1768, becoming the school’s librarian three years later. A versatile artist influenced by the French Rococo style, he achieved some note during the 1740s through decorative paintings executed for Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London, but could also turn his hand to portraits, landscapes, and scenes from history and literature. Combining some of these, he contributed 31 pictures to a 1744 edition of Shakespeare's plays by Sir Thomas Hanmer, and later portrayed many leading contemporary actors in Shakespearean roles, including David Garrick as Richard III (1760). He also illustrated the novels of Samuel Richardson. He was an able teacher. His pupils included Mason Chamberlin, Nathaniel Dance-Holland, Thomas Seton and Lemuel Francis Abbott and he was also a strong influence on Thomas Gainsborough. With Joshua Reynolds, Hayman was actively involved in the formation of the Society of Artists, a forerunner of the Royal Academy, during the early 1760s.

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