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Historical Artist - William Hoare (1707 - 1792)

Born in England, William Hoare developed his artistic style in Italy from 1728 to 1737. In 1738, he settled in Bath and was the leading portraitist in the city until the arrival of Gainsborough in 1759. He tended to paint in pastels and his work has been described as serious and dreary. William Hoare was the first fashionable portraitist to settle in Bath, and he remained as the leading portraitist there until the arrival of Thomas Gainsborough in 1759. He remained the favorite of his powerful patron the Duke of Newcastle, his family, followers and political associates. Included amongst his other important patrons were the Earls of Pembroke and Chesterfield, and the Duke of Beaufort. With Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds, he was a founding member of the Royal Academy. Hoare was closely involved with the running of the Royal Mineral Water Hospital in Bath from 1742. He served as a governor of the hospital. and became acquainted with Bath's notable visitors and the neighbouring landed families. Chalmers described him as 'an ingenious and amiable English painter'. He died at Bath on 12 December, 1792.

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