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Historical Artist - Julius Caesar Ibbetson (1759 - 1817)

Born in Yorkshire, Julius Caesar Ibbetson was a watercolor and oil painter who specialized in small landscapes that contained some human and animal figures. He worked mostly out of his hometown but also spent some time in London, Scotland, and the Lake District. From 1787 to 1788, he traveled to China as a draughtsman for a British mission. Ibbetson was also an etcher and published a painting treatise in 1803. Benjamin West described Ibbetson as the "Berchem of England" in recognition of his debt to the Dutch 17th century landscape painters. According to Mitchell, "his watercolours are prized for their delicacy and sureness of line". Many were engraved for projects such as John Church's A Cabinet of Quadrupeds and John Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery.

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