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Introduction to Impressionism
On April 15, 1874 an exhibition of paintings opened in Paris at studios vacated by the
photographer Nadar. The gallery space, on two floors, consisted of a series of large rooms
with red-brown walls, illuminated by natural light more

The History of Impressionism
1867 Manet and Courbet set up booths at the Paris World's Fair. All the future
Impressionists, except Morisot and Degas, are rejected by the Salon. The idea of
mounting an independent group exhibition is proposed but does not materialise
because of the lack of funds more

A Definition of Impressionism
Barbara Ehrlich White notes that "Impressionism was the style practised by Monet, Renoir,
Pissarro and others during the twenty years of so from about 1866 to 1886". As a working
definition this comment is sufficiently noncommittal to be just a useful statement of fact.
However, White herself realises that one is in deep waters when trying to identify the precise characteristics of what she deems an Impressionist style more

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