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Pop Art

Introduction to Pop Art
According to Lawrence Alloway, the term "Pop Art" (which he coined in London in the
1950s) was first used to designate the products of the mass media. Somewhere between
1954 and 1957 the term was appropriated by members of the Independent Group, a
multidisciplinary group who met in London under the auspices of the Institute of
Contemporary Arts, of which Alloway was director more

Emergence of Pop Art in Britain
British Pop Art first emerged out of the activities and discussions of the Independent Group,
a collection of critics, painters, architects, musicians, designers and other persons
concerned with the relationship between industrial design and the arts. The group was
first convened by an architect, Reyner Banham, in the winter of 1952/1953, and was
reconvened by Lawrence Alloway and John McHale in the winter of 1954/1955 more

Emergence of Pop Art in America
There is no linear historical connection between Pop Art in Britain and that in America. The
fact that Pop Art emerged independently in America suggests that it should be viewed in
terms of its own cultural and historical situation more

New York Pop Artists
Andy Warhola was born in Pennsylvania. His parents were Czechoslovakian immigrants
whose material circumstances were quite humble ---- (his father was a construction worker
and later a coal miner). Warhol (he shortened his surname) graduated from the Carnegie
Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, with a BFA in June 1949 and moved to New York the
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