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Origins and Meaning of Romanticism
Of the numerous and bewildering definitions and redefinitions of Romanticism none quite embraces all the complex, diverse and often contradictory aspects of the Romantic vision and its ideals more

Romanticism in Germany
In Germany, as in many other European countries, the Romantic period was one of major political and social upheaval. The consequences of the French Revolution in the invasion of Speier, Worms and Mainz in 1792 were followed by the second War of coalition in 1794 more

Romanticism and Caspar David Friederich
The ideas of Caspar David Friedrich and Philipp Otto Runge on painting were formed within the milieu of the German transcendentalists. Living in Dresden, Friedrich could hardly have been unaware of the ideas of such Romantic writers and critics as Tieck, Novalis and the Schlegel brothers more

Romanticism and Philipp Otto Runge
Philipp Otto Runge was also one of the Romantic painters who, particularly in his natural landscape and religious paintings, created a personal religious system through which he hoped to bring about a more spiritual era more

Romanticism in France
Despite the relatively stable and traditional structures for art in France, that is the biannual Salons, government commissions, and the academic training of artists, the need for greater emotional independence and introspection was felt as early as 1789, even amongst students of David more

Romanticism in England
In England, as in Germany, the first Romantic stirrings were to be witnessed in nature poetry among other genres, such as that of James Thomson, or in the nocturnal songs of Edward Young more

Romanticsim in Spain
Although not part of the mainstream of French, English or German Romanticism, the late works of Goya should not be ignored when discussing the Romantic period more | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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