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Aviva Beigel - Artist From Israel

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aviva beigel israeli artist sculptures

aviva beigel israeli artist sculptures

aviva beigel israeli artist sculptures

Media - Ceramic Sculpture, Paintings, Mosaic
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Studying Medieval Art revealed to me Early Byzantine Art with its richness and colorful mosaics and the use of mosaic technique. Seeing the Gothic vitrage opened me to the possibility of gathering small parts making one whole beautiful piece. From Antonio Gaudi the genius Spanish artist of the 20th c. I have learned to make wild and free combinations, like those he made in Park Guell, Barcelona.

All these styles helped me create my own special style.

In my works I adopt the Gestalt theory "The whole is more than it's parts"
"Gestalt" is a German word meaning : a structure, a shape, a pattern . It suggests that understanding a structure as a whole depand on our ability to see all it's parts, but the full comprehension of the "whole" will always show us a richer structure than the simple combination of its parts.
My artworks are based on this principle, I make a combination of many fragments and the final consequence usually creates a new and different "whole".

In my first exhibition "Homage to Gestalt" Mosaic Art, the works were combined mainly of broken China, glass and a selection of decorative elements from a range of materials that were carefully displaced on a chosen object.
The "Cookies" are ceramic hand painted cookies, baked in a ceramic oven, exactly like homemade cookies. They come in different shapes and colors , each one of them is unique. I have combined them on a wooden large cookie shapes as: Stars , Hearts ,Butterflies,and more

The Human cookie appears in various mediums: painting, sculpture ,relief and mosaic, (as the famous" Ginger Bread Man") -in big and small forms and in different physical states : incomplete, bound and broken.
I choose clay as the basic material because of it's special quality:
It is soft in the beginning and during the baking process it hardens and gains a new nature , like certain processes that change and harden the inner self of people. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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