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Abu Seman - Artist From Malaysia

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abu seman malaysian artist

abu seman malaysian artist

abu seman malaysian artist

Media - Pastels, Oil Paintings, Watercolour Paintings
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I was first trained as a mathematics teacher but then attended an in service course in art education to qualify as an art teacher. Although I was trained in art, I prefer to be known as a self-taught artist. This is because most of my skills in painting, especially in watercolor painting is gained through experience, reading and workshops.

I feel very close to art because I have been teaching art and craft at government secondary schools for 18 years. Although I use all the medium from color pencil to oil, for non-portrait paintings I prefer watercolor as my first choice. Watercolor is easy to handle but difficult to master. A good watercolorist is usually a good artist but not every good artist  is a good watercolorist.

I started painting seriously in 1986 when I met a group of local watercolorists. I was vary impressed with their good works although most of them were self-taught artists. They also brought me to get involved in our local art society activities. My highest post in the society was as an assistant secretary. In 1994 I went to work as a designer and graphic artist at a government teachers' training college. There I used to design, draw, paint and print using computers and I am very familiar with the internet.  So I asked myself why don't I open my own web site for my art works like other artists. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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