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Martin Osner - South African Artist

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south african artist martin osner

south african artist martin osner

south african artist martin osner

Media - Photography
Phone - 27834501677
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Email - [email protected]

Martin Osner has a natural artistic curiosity for the world he inhabits, a fact that logically steered him towards photography at an early age. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa (1963), he opened his first photographic studio in Johannesburg in 1981 - establishing a solid reputation as a commercial photographer. Later he moved to Pretoria with his wife, Anita, and their three children, where 1993 he co-founded the National College of Photography. Over a decade the college has grown into one of Southern Africas premier training institutions, where he continues to lecture.

Osner eschews pure registration photography, favouring a more expressive vision that accords with both his visual understanding and spiritual appreciation of the world. A multi award winning artist, his photography, generally, is characterised by an urge to explore with the willingness to experiment. He considers anything a subject stating that "things just look interesting when photographed".

Rather than clutter his images with detail, he prefers to concentrate on elemental forms, patterns and shapes. Abstraction, paired with a necessary sense of restraint, bears out Osner's belief that simplicity is the cornerstone of a successful image. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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