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Michael Puya austrian artist

Michael Puya austrian artist

Michael Puya austrian artist

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Me, Michael ("Mig") Puya, I come from an Austrian family which is rich in local tradition of the south of Austria/Carinthia.
I'm the 4th painter in my father's generation.
Born 1958 in Klagenfurt/South of Austria, a city (near the border of Italy and Slovenia) with a musical, artistic and sporty tradition, I live in Austria (studios in Klagenfurt and Vienna) and on Gran Canaria (usually over the winter time).
I've studied art (history of art etc.), philosophy and ethnology in Austria and abroad (Dr. h.c.).
During numerous stays abroad (Spain, Greece, Italy, Great Britain...) I felt soon the need of an intense employment of (abstract) drawing and painting.
The journeys in far countries, the meeting connected with other cultures, have become an important signification for my spiritual and emotional advancement like the painting itself!

My familiar origin:
My parents family occupies itself since generations of the art and decoration painting as well as the restoration true to style of historic buildings.
My father's grandfather, born in a village in Carinthia/South of Austria, already occupied about 1896 several students of art and painters from Italy in certain painting techniques to instruct. He had a painter's deal in Klagenfurt/South of Austria, my home city, but he was also a local well-known landscape painter and found big artistic acknowledgment in Austria.
(My grandfather was already was a painter and restorer as well as my father.)
On mother's side I come from a Viennese family with roots in Bingen on the Rhine/Germany, which had let itself down after the 2nd world-war first in Trieste/Italy, afterwards in Klagenfurt/South of Austria.
Me, I'm born as Michael O. H. Strobl, so in Austria (Klagenfurt/Carinthia) I'm well known as Michael Puya-Strobl.

About my life:
My strong relation existing since earliest infancy to the nature was promoted on the part of my mother's parents, a business family, well known in Klagenfurt and Vienna. They gave me the possibility for longer study trips and numerous time travelling to countries nearby Austria and to far foreign countries.
At the age of 21 years Hamburg/Germany was my first own domicile. Here intense employment of the painting. Then there followed Berlin, Munich, Tutzing (at Lake of Starnberg/near Munich) and Vienna. Aim of that I made studies in art.
Finally I must say that the intense relation to the nature always gives the impact to travel, predominantly to Greece, to Spain, but also to other countries...
My guestbook at shows international entries. It was signed by artists and private persons: Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, the USA, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica...around only unites to name.

some of my artworks have been selected by an investigation institute for arts (FIBK) in Germany. The jury of the art competition awarded eight paintings a prize to "Magna Cum Laude".

Participation at the "International Art Competition NAFA 2004" at The "National Academy of Fine Arts", Brazil.

(2004-2005: Associate Member)

About my art:
“My style is my liberty, my liberty my style, everything is me. I don't want a rigid style in my painting. It would mean me tightness and this for me obligation.”
Creating my paintings I obtain impulses and search suggestions the daily patterns to leave. The reality is not created photographically exactly to show, it rather one view level, on which accurate details are smeared and represented dreamy or meditative illusorily. In other pictures details are however accurately represented. Feelings and soul statuses as for example emotional conflicts, primitive impulses or unconscious impulses, are determined ruler and reflect thus their own thoughts and feeling machinery. Tendencies and feelings are represented in a creative arrangement and create new symbols. Forms are resolved by means of different colours, colour levels and graphic items. The canvas represents a spectrum for me, in which lines cross, break and step to each other into relationship, whereby in between-stepping light fascinates. The colours flow partly freely, partly them into an apparently given direction are restrained, even if it may come to meetings on the image plane.
Most of my paintings are made with textured surfaces formed by mixing sand and other natural materials.... | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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