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Alberto Cidraes - Artist From Brazil

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Alberto Cidraes brazilian artist

Alberto Cidraes brazilian artist

Alberto Cidraes brazilian artist

Media - Ceramics
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Birth: 20th of April 1945 in Elvas Portugal

Higher Education

1964-70. Architectural Course at Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon.
1970-71. Elementary Course in Japanese Language and Culture at Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
1971-73. Post-Graduate research: "Japanese Traditional House" at University of Kyushu in Fukuoka Japan.
1990-91. Research Fellowship on: "Ceramics in Exterior Architecture in Japan", at University of Arts and Crafts in Kanazawa, Japan.


1975-76. Monção High School Art Teacher, Portugal.
1982-83. Graded High School Art Teacher, São Paulo, Brazil.
1987-90. Founding Chair of Ceramics Dept at AR.CO, Center of Art and Visual Communication, in Almada, Portugal.
1993-94. Critical Thinking Instructor at KIDI, Kanazawa International Design Institute, NY Parsons School of Design Japanese affiliate.
1993-96. Artist in charge of the Togi Municipal Ceramics Studio in Ishikawa Japan.
1994-95. Critical Thinking, Sociology, Technical Drawing, Collaborative Design and Drawing lecturer at KIDI, Kanazawa and Ergonomics and Psychology of Art lecturer at Kanazawa International Design College.
1995-96. Technical Drawing, Art History, Visual Analysis and Collaborative Design lecturer at KIDI and Ergonomics and Architectural Modeling lecturer at Kanazawa International Design College.
1996-97. Technical Drawing, Model Making, Visual Analysis, History of Product Design and Digital Design on Macintosh lecturer at KIDI and Architectural Modeling lecturer at Kanazawa International Design College.
1997-99. Full time lecturer at KIDI, teaching Analytical Drawing, Digital Design, Visual Analysis and Product Digital Design.
1999-2002. Chair of Foundation at KIDI, teaching Digital Design, Critical Thinking, Visual Analysis and Sophomore History of Architecture, Architecture Digital Design and Product Digital Design.
2002. College of Fine Arts, University of Shanghai, China, 4 week Digital Design Workshop as invited lecturer.

Professional Experience in Architecture

1964-70. Training at the Architect's studios, Fernando Casaca, Jorge Segurado and sons and Augusto Silva in Lisbon.
1973-74. Toda Kensetsu Construction co. in São Paulo, Brazil: Arquitect.
1975-76. Housing projects in Monção, Portugal.
1985. Housing projects in Campo Maior, Portugal.
1976-87. Housing projects in Cunha SP Brazil.
1988-90. Almada City Hall, Portugal: Arquitect in charge of Exterior Spaces in City Development.
Exterior Space Design Projects in Almada.

Artistic Activities

1972-73. Training in Ceramics at several ceramics studios in Fukuoka. Shows in Fukuoka Japan.
1974. With Estrela Vieira, Gilberto Jardineiro and Antonio Cordeiro launches the Takê group, which creates sculpural objects in bamboo, bones and other natural materials in the fishing village of Cacha-Prego, Bahia Brazil. Shows in São Paulo.
1975. With Toshiyuki and Mieko Ukeseki and the brothers Vicente and Antonio Cordeiro opens a ceramics studio at the former Municipal Slaughterhouse with a wood fired climbing kiln in Cunha SP Brazil. Shows in São Paulo.
1977-84. Slaughterhouse Studio: with Estrela Vieira and the help of several apprentices takes over the studio and shows all over Brazil.
1984-87. New studio and house in Cunha. Shows in Brazil and in 85 in Palácio Foz in Lisbon and Gallery Roma e Pavia in Porto Portugal.
1987. International Ceramics Symposium in Alcobaça, Portugal. Invited Artist.
1987-90. AR.CO Ceramics Studio in Almada, Portugal. Shows in Lisbon, Madrid, Brazil and Macau.
1990-91. Ceramics Dept of University of Arts and Crafts in Kanazawa. Shows in Kanazawa.
1991-94. Ceramics Studio of Utatsuyama Traditional Arts Center in Kanazawa. Shows in Kanazawa, Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka and Nagoya.
1993-96. Municipal Ceramics Studio in Togi. Shows in Togi, Kanazawa and other Japanese cities.
1995-2002. Own studio and KIDI. Graphic Arts on Macintosh.

Scholarships & Fellowships

1970-73. Japanese Government: Ministry of Education's Post-Graduate Scholarship. University of Kyushu.
1988. Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon: Research Scholarship, together with Estrela Vieira.
1990-91. Japan Foundation: Professional Research Fellowship. University of Arts and Crafts of Kanazawa.
1991-94. City of Kanazawa: Residence Fellowship. Utatsuyama Traditional Arts Center.

Awards & Decorations

1981. Paraná State Government: Second Ceramics Competition, Banestado Award.
1993. Kanazawa Traditional Arts Competition, City of Kanazawa Award.
1994. Kanazawa Traditional Arts Competition, Hokkoku Bank Award.
1995. Government of Portugal: Order of Merit.

Main Publications

1973. Japan's Architects Annuary: "A Study on Japanese Sliding Doors".
1987. Editora Callis, S. Paulo, Brazil: opening chapter of the book, "Ceramics: Art of The Earth" under the title"Option for Ceramics".

Spoken Languages : Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese.
Written: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.

Digital & Software Proficiency

2D and 3D Graphics on Macintosh, Multimedia, Animation and Web Design. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator,
Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and Director, QuarkXpress, Form*z and Vellum 3D.

Website Ownership & Design personal work in Architecture, Design and Ceramics. student work from Design classes taught in Japan student work from Architecture classes taught in Japan.


1972. - Gallery Ningyo, Fukuoka: objects in cloth, paper, papier maché and drawings (individ.).
- Gallery Daimaru, Fukuoka: ceramics (duo, with Tachibana).
1975. - Gal. Agency Walter Thompson, S. Paulo: objects in bamboo, bone, etc (Takê group).
- Gal. 167, S. Paulo: ceramics ( Cunha group).
- IV Jundiaí Art Competition, S. Paulo: objects in bamboo, bone, etc.
1977. - Gal. Toki, S. Paulo: cer. (group).
- Gal. Assoc. Cult. Brazil-Japan, S. Paulo: cer. Kogei Art Competition.
- Gal. Bank América do Sul, S. Paulo: cer. (duo, with Toshiyuki Ukeseki).
1978. - Gal. Aki, S. Paulo: cer. (individ.).
1979. - I Ceramic Artists Congress in Paraty, R. de Janeiro.
- Gal.-Café Maravilha, S. Paulo: ceramic panels (individ.).
- Gal. Arte Aplicada, S. Paulo:cer. (group 6 ceramic Artists).
- Gal. Múltipla, S. Paulo: (group).
1980. - Gal. Tenda, S. Paulo: cer. (group 6 ceramic Artists).
- I Ceramics Competition of S. Bernardo, S. Paulo: cer..
- II Ceramic Artists Congress in Paraty, R. de Janeiro.
- Exhibit. "Cerâmica Hoje", Brasília (group).
1981. - Gal. Tenda, S. Paulo: cer. (individ.).
- III Ceramic Artists Congress in Paraty, R. de Janeiro.
- Gal. do Lixo ao Luxo. Paraty, R. de Janeiro: cer. (individ.).
- II Parana State Ceramics Competition, Curitiba, Paraná: Banestado Award.
- Gal. Sesc, S. Paulo: cer. (individ.).
-Forma Show Room, S. Paulo: cer. (group 3 ateliers).
- Design Store, S. Paulo: cer. (individ.).
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1982. - Gulbenkian Foundation, R. de Janeiro: Portuguese Visual Artists living in Brazil.
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- Portuguese Embassy, Brasília: II Show of Portuguese Visual Artists living in Brazil.
1983. - Londrina State University: I North Paraná Ceramic Artists Congress.
- Cesar Park Hotel, S. Paulo: " Ceramic Plate Design" (group).
- Gal. Sesc, S. Paulo: "Panorama of Portuguese Culture", cer. (group).
- Alfredo Andersen Museum, Curitiba: IV Parana State Ceramics Competition, invited artist and judge.
- Sound and Image Museum, Paço das Artes, S. Paulo: "Contemporary Ceramics " (group).
- Gal. Tenda, S. Paulo: "Terra" show (group).
- Cesar Park Hotel, Rio de Janeiro: "Cerâmica Hoje" (group).
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1984. - Gal. Sesc, S. Paulo: Sculpture Collection(group).
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1985. - Palácio Foz, Lisbon: "Ceramic Objects " (duo with Estrela Vieira).
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1986. - Gal. Toki, S. Paulo: "Ikebana" (group).
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1987. - Gal. Múltipla, S. Paulo: "Multiples" (group).
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- SETUR, Caraguatatuba, SP, Arte Litoral Norte II, "Contemporary Ceramics" (group)
- Mokichi Okada Foundation. S. Paulo: II MOA Show of Contemporary Ceramics.
- Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal: "Design 87" (group).
- Alcobaça, Portugal: International Ceramics Symposium, Invited Artist.
1988. - FIL, Lisbon: "Ceramex", International Ceramics Symposium Show.
- Modern Art Center, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon: International Ceramics Symposium Show.
- Gal. coop. Árvore, Porto: International Ceramics Symposium Show.
- Museu de Alcobaça: IInternational Ceramics Symposium Show.
- SETUR, Caraguatatuba, SP: Arte Litoral Norte V, "Contemporary Ceramics" (group).
- Museu Luís de Camões, Macao: "Portuguese Contemporary Ceramics " (group).
- Almada Municipal Art Gallery, Portugal: "Cerâmica na Quinta de S. Miguel" (group).
1989. - Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisbon: "Cerâmica no AR.CO" (with students).
- Gallery Espiral, Oeiras, Portugal: (individual).
1990. - Yoshinodani Art Center, Ishikawa, Japan: 1st Contemporary Art Festival (group).
1991. - Yoshinodani Art Center: 2nd Contemporary Art Festival, (group).
- Gallery Informesse, Kanazawa: individual show.
- Gallery Nissai Bank, Kanazawa: individual show.
1992. - Yoshinodani Art Center: 3rd Contemporary Art Festival, (group).
- Gallery Asanogawa, Kanazawa: 3 ceramic Artists, with Nakamura e Toide.
- Gallery Informesse, Kanazawa: individual show.
- Station Gallery, Kanazawa: individual show.
- Gallery Kutani Bitoen, Yamashiro: 2 ceramic Artists, with Nakamura.
- Ishikawa Prefecture Design Center, Kanazawa: The New Wave of Ishikawa, (group).
- 47 Kanazawa Traditional Arts Competition, (group).
1993. - Gallery 17, Kanazawa: individual show (installation).
- Gallery Inui, Tokyo: individual show.
- Gallery Spazio, Terai: individual show.
- Gal. Asanogawa, Kanazawa: 3 ceramic Artists, with Toshiyuki Ukeseki and Takashi Nishikawa.
- Gene's Art Space, Saitama: 2 ceramic Artists, with Toshiyuki Ukeseki.
- 48 Kanazawa Traditional Arts Competition, (group).
- Yoshinodani Art Center: 4th Contemporary Art Festival, (group).
- New Gallery Hokuriku Denryoku, Kanazawa: Gallery's opening show (individual)
1994. - Gallery Green Arts, Kanazawa: individual show.
- Gallery Asanogawa, Kanazawa: individual show.
- NTT Atrio Plaza, Kanazawa: individual show.
- Gallery Green Arts, Kanazawa, (group).
- 49 Kanazawa Traditional Arts Competition, (group).
1995. - Tepia Foundation, Tokyo: 3 Portuguese ceramic Artists living in Japan, with José Farromba and Marta Carvalho.
- 50 Kanazawa Traditional Arts Competition, (group).
1996. - Togi Art Center: individual show.
1998. - Art Festival CAN, Nanao: individual show, Ceramics and Graphic Arts.
- Nikka Competition, Tokyo: Invited Artist.
1999. - Gallery Asanogawa, Kanazawa: individual show, Ceramics and Graphic Arts. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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