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Iva Treskon - Artist From New Zealand

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Ivar Treskon new zealand artist

Ivar Treskon new zealand artist

Ivar Treskon new zealand artist

Media - Mixed Media
Address - Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone - 021 11 44 978
Email - [email protected]

To create the illusion of space, light, *movement, moisture and heat.
 To create the illusion of mass, *movement, and power.
*movement ( It is the proof of the passing of time, yet it can be captured within the 'static' medium of painting.)

Points of interest relating to Genre:
 realism- One brush-stroke can represent 100 acres of land or a droplet of rain.
 abstraction -'reality' can be de-constructed, components can be studied and understood, and complex systems simplified.
 conceptual- Contains a sense of learning, understanding, and discovery that links together the journey of the artist creator and the audience observer.
 Conceptual work is representative of an idea, not an object. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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