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Haidji - Artist From Portugal

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Haidji portuguese artist

Haidji portuguese artist

Haidji portuguese artist

Media - Oil Paintings, Photography, Digital Art
Email - [email protected]
Website -

Haidji was born on 12 mai 1968 in São Paulo.Following education in Brasil and Germany she's now between Portugal and Italy.

Her interest on art began the age of four when she got a bloackboard for Christmas. She then started to draw objects around the house:chairs, tables and so on.
Her first memories are colours:in particular a green dress she was wearing aged one-and-half.

And ever since, colour has held a fascination for her. Her University education was at the University of Applied Science at Idar-Oberstein where she obtained a Diploma(equivalent to a Master's Degree) in Jewerly and Precious Stones - design and Painting.She's also a qualified goldsmith.

Haidji is a talented and creative artist who produces original abstract work that resonate with warmth and life.

There is a very spiritual feel to her work, almost an otherworld liness.

A captiving blend of Brazilian flair, Teutonic precision and dutch pragmatism makes Haidji's work unique, appealing and thought-provokingsince 1995 she has exhibited her work and realised her projects in many countries: Germany, Brazil, Italy; Switzerland, England,Nederland, Portugal, Australia, South Africa. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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