When we think of Art Programs, we think of sitting in a classroom, painting fruit. However, the digital age has granted access to some of the greatest online art programs.

The best part about it is that they are for free! Sketchbook, Krita, Mischief, MyPaint, Clip Studio Paint, and Painter are all available in full with trial packages and have been awarded multiple nominations by well-known professionals. Having access to drawing programs from around the world, with a simple click, allows amateur and professional artists to experiment with multiple platforms until the right fit comes along. 

Painting apples

Painting apples

Ultimately, it will be up to you which art program you choose to continue your dreams or for your employment purposes. However, as you will see there are now many options, offering exceptional deals and trial packages, making it that much easier to find the platform that fit your needs best. Not only are all specific areas generally covered from animation to design purposes, but many programs can be adjusted to suit the needs of trades like engineers or doctors, for example, to create realistic or artificial imaging. If you have been searching for the right art program to use or learn with, one of our six programs listed below should be more than enough to not only bring your needs into the modern era but teach you few new tricks along with the trade as well. From the optical to the pinpointed, here’s a list of six of the most respected art programs.

Artist at work

Artist at work


  • Allows users to create masterpieces of stunning art
  • Ability to mimic traditional mediums
  • The most modern and updated drawing software on the market 
  • Blows photoshop out of the water according to many users.


  • Open Source drawing that allows the user to replicate pencils, charcoal, and paint
  • Mega brush and ink selection library for blending
  • Pressure-sensitive applications for use on mobile devices 
  • Uber famous artists like David Revoy from France have also used this software.


  • Drawing software, aimed at regular artists, designers and engineers. Whatever pops into your imagination as a student, you can design.
  • 3D designs and fabrication technologies
  • Useful for artists engineers, designers, architects, entertainment specialist 
  • Intuitive drawing software
Art and video calls

Art and video calls


  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Some Unusual effects like layer masks, animations and Krita special effects.
  • Drawing assistant program
  • Design templates with a range of tips and hints


  • Designer Specific Software 
  • Lots of Brush options to bring designs, drawings or paintings to life 
  • 15-day full package trial 
  • Users can post their finished work to the Mischief gallery for peer reviews and free publication

Clip Studio Paint

  • Largest Variety of program options and tool packages
  • 30-day full access trial period
  • Conversion of 3D models into 2D animations
  • Animations can draw in Vector Format.
  • Management of multi-page files
  • Exceptional for learning how to convert drawings and illustrations amongst software 
Painting outside

Painting outside

Reviews, from real users, are one of the best resources to use when deciding which one to go for, so it’s worth your time to do a few google searches to see what the feedback is. Nothing helps more than to read testimonials from people that have come from different backgrounds and specialties detailing their exact experiences. Most of them will also let you know if they continued to use the programs after their trial periods or if they decided to move onto something different. Regardless of the outcome, the only mistake that you can make is not giving at least one of them a fair crack of the whip.


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