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African Art Centre
First Floor, Tourist Junction Station Building
160 Pine Street
Durban, South Africa

The African Art Centre, Durban, is a vibrant gallery/shop that has the best of craft and fine art, concentrating on KwaZulu-Natal artists.The African Art Centre provides an outlet for promoting the work of individuals artists and projects to provide income for rural and urban artists.

The African Art Centre features South African art including:

Sculptures carved out of beautiful indigenous woods, range from the small insect to large portraits of Nelson Mandela, and crocodiles, snakes and violins and flutes that play.

Weaving - grass and telewire weaving are a Durban speciality. A myriad original designs are woven into bowls, flat plates and trays, available in sizes ranging from 15 to 50 cm diameter.

Embroidery, Hand-painted Cloth in tablecloths, matching napkins, cushion covers, placemats, wallhangings.

Beadwork: traditional Zulu and Xhosa beadwork, antique and modern pieces. We have an exciting and original range, with new designs being continually made.

Ceramics - Zulu Beer Pots: antique and new, in traditional forms like the Ukhamba and Uphiso, made by the world-famous Nala family of potters. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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