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Historical Artist - Allerley Glossop (1872 - 1955)

Allerley Glossop was born in Twickenham, England 1872 - 1955

Art Education
- Allerley Glossop studied under Sir George Frampton, Central and Westminister Schools under Mouat, London.

Short Artist Biography
- Daughter of the Vicar of Twickenham and sister of Admiral Glossop RN. After studies, conducted life-classes at Sphinx Studio, Fitzroy Str, London.
- 1900 Allerley Glossop came out to South Africa against family wishes; farmed for a while at Klapmuts, near Paarl, but later took studios in Cape Town. She moved in the circle of Nita Spilhaus, Beatrice Hazell and Ruth Prowse and was friendly with Dr Lückhoff, the well-known patron of the arts. Known to her friends as “Joe”.
- 1902 – 1906 Very active in Cape Town art circles; energetic Council member of South African Society of Artists. Allerley Glossop was happiest in the open landscape and reveled in the savage beauty of the Cape sunsets. Made regular visits to England.
- 1917 Included in Roworth’s essay on South African Landscape Painting* in the Studio publication, “Art of the British Empire Overseas”.
- 1917 – 1924 Allerley Glossop lived in Johannesburg, but traveled widely around the country by wagon, painting African figures, farms and animals. Rev C Scott-Shaw of Cape Town has recounted the tale of how, during the festivities associated with the coronation of King George V, she rode with the Wellington commando, dressed as a man and smoking a pipe.
- 1921 – 1923 Allerley Glossop spent a lengthy stay in England and Italy.
- 1925 Moved to Natal and settled on a farm at Lion’s River.
- 1932 – 1933 Allerley Glossop took a studio in Camden Hill Gardens, London; subsequently divided her time between stays in England and South Africa. Lived in New Forest during World Word 2.
- 1947 Allerley Glossop returned to South Africa. Her painting of Thaba Bosigo was given by the people of Basutoland (Lesotho) as a wedding-gift to Princess Elizabeth. Farmed at Lion’s River until her death.

Art Exhibitions
- Infrequent one-man exhibitions in South Africa; several in London, Group exhibitions of provincial societies, particularly NSA.
- 1902 First South African Society of Artists Annual Art Exhibition, Cape Town, and many subsequently.
- 1920 – 1924 South African Academy Art Exhibitions, Johannesburg.
- 1924 South African section, British Empire Art Exhibition, Wembley.

Public Art collections
South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town; Johannesburg Art Gallery, Durban Art Gallery; William Humphreys Gallery, Kimberley; Albany Museum, Grahamstown; Ann Bryant Art Gallery, East London.


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