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Historical Artist - Alexander Ivanov (1806 - 1858)

Alexander Ivanov was born in St Petersburg and studied under his father, Andrei Ivanov who taught at the city’s Academy. He moved to Rome in 1831 and first began painting classical subjects. Under the influence of the Nazarenes, he then began painting religious subject matter and is famous for his work from this period, Christ’s First Appearance to the People. The painting took Ivanov twenty years to complete and was widely known before its completion. When it was first exhibited in St. Petersburg in 1858, it had a disappointing unveiling. A few months following the exhibition, Ivanov died of cholera in St. Petersburg. Critical judgement about Ivanov improved in the following generation. Some of the numerous sketches he had prepared for The Appearance have been recognized as masterpieces in their own right. The most comprehensive collection of his works can be viewed at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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