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Historical Artist - Johannes Meintjies (1923 - 1980)

Johannes Meintjies was born in Riversdale, South Africa 1923 - 1980

Articles on Johannes Meintjies

Art Education
1938-43: painting under Florence Zerffi, CT; Afrikaans, Netherlands and English Lit at UCT (BA).
1945-47: etching at Central School, Lon-don.
1958: studies in Amsterdam and Paris

Short Artist Biography
The son of a sheep-farmer; Johannes Meintjies spent his first five years on the family farm `Grootzeekoegat' in the Molteno district.
1928: after the early death of his father, the family moved to Riversdale; Johannes Meintjies became friendly with the elderly Volschenk, drew and painted from childhood.
1938: the family moved to Cape Town and the 15 year-old boy began serious art study.
1940: an exhibition of Maggie Laubser's work evoked his ardent admiration; he wrote a fan-letter to her and a close friendship developed.
1944: at the age of 21, Johannes Meintjies published a book on Maggie Laubser; his first exhibitions caused a stir in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
1945: Johannes Meintjies taught art at South African College School and Jan van Riebeeck High School, Cape Town; successful exhibition provided funds for study abroad.
1945-47: while in London Johannes Meintjies worked part-time for BBC with Arnold van Wyk.
1947: Johannes Meintjies returned to Cape Town; worked at painting, broadcasting and writing.
1949: won award from `Die Vaderland' for `most original South African painting' jointly with Diederick During.
1949-54: Johannes Meintjies retreated to familyfarm to write and paint in seclusion; restored the historical farm-building.
1955-65: lived in Jhb.
1965: Johannes Meintjies returned to Molteno. He exhibited annually until his death, but although he continued to paint, he devoted the larger part of his activity to writing; published 35 books - fiction and non-fiction (mainly historical). Among his non-fiction publications are: `Maggie Laubser'
1974: Won several literary awards. In the late 70's appointed by CT Publishers, C Struik, to select and introduce series of Africana Classics. Following his death, Meintjes' manuscripts, letters, diaries, etc, were presented to the English Literary Museum, Grahamstown, to be housed in a `Johannes Meintjes Room'.

Art Exhibitions
1944: first one-man art exhibition, Johannesburg; regular and immensely successful exhibitions during next 10 years; less frequently thereafter.
1952: Van Riebeeck Tercent Exhibition, Cape Town.
1953: Rhodes Centenary Exhibition, Bulawayo.
1966: Republic Fest Exhibition, Pretoria.

Public Art Collections
Pretoria Art Museum; AC White Gallery, Bloemfontein; Rembrandt Art Foundation; Wits Galleries; William Humphreys Gallery, Kmberley


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