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Historical Artist - Pieter Hugo Naud� (1869 - 1941)

Pieter Hugo Naudé was born in the Worcester district, South Africa 1869 - 1941

Art Education
1889-90: Slade School London, under Alphonse Le Gros.
1890-94: Kunst Akademie, Munich, under portraitist Franz von Lenbach.
1895: with the Barbizon Group, Fontainebleau.
1913: etching at Kings Road School, London; further study
in Munich

Short Artist Biography
Born on the farm, 'Aan-de-Doorns'; his second name, by which he is known to the public, was his mother's family-name. After schooling at Over Hex and Worcester, Pieter Hugo Naudé returned to the farm; his talent was recognized and encouraged, notably by Olive Schreiner.
1889: Pieter Hugo Naudé went with her to Europe; she provided an introduction to Havelock Ellis, who recommended the Slade School. Following his studies in London and Europe, Pieter Hugo Naudé worked for a short while in Italy.
1896: Pieter Hugo Naudé returned to South Africa, painted on the farm, mainly portraiture; travelled by caravan to Namaqualand, Drakensberg and as far as the Victoria Falls; completed numerous silverpoint drawings.
1902: Pieter Hugo Naudé joined the South African Society of Artists and exhibited with the Society.
1904-13: moved to Worcester where he built his home and studio (preserved as Hugo Naude House); became known as "Artist Naude".
1913: Pieter Hugo Naudé journeyed via the East Coast to Jerusalem; a further year of study in London and in Munich.
1915: Pieter Hugo Naudé married Julia Brown of Cape Town.
1917: Pieter Hugo Naudé included in Roworth's essay `Landscape Art in South Africa in the Studio publication `Art of the British Empire Overseas'. His life following his marriage was uneventful; he seldom left Worcester, except on painting expeditions; gave his interest and service to the town; a devoted gardener - created Worcester Garden of Remembrance, a memorial to the dead of WW1; very active in the scouting movement.
1935: was presented with Scout Medal of Merit.
1936: Pieter Hugo Naudé designed the rockeries for the Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg.
1937: painted a view of the Hex Valley as a gift from Worcester Chamber of Commerce to SA House, London.
1939: Pieter Hugo Naudé awarded Medal of Honour for Painting by South African Akademie.
1941: following his death, his home and many paintings were purchased by Worcester admirers for preservation in honour of his memory

Art Exhibitions
1902: First South African Society of Artists exhibition, Cape Town.
1910: South African National Union Exhibition, Johannesburg.
1930: South African Academy Exhibitions, Johannesburg.
1924: South African Section, Empire , Wembley.
1936 Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg.
1948: Overseas Exhibition South African Art
1953: Rhodes Centenary Exhibition, Bulawayo.
1969: Retrospective Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, Johannesburg Art Gallery, South African National Gallery (Centenary).
1979: `South African Printmakers', South African National Gallery.

Public Art Collections
Hugo Naude House, Worcester; South African National Gallery, Cape Town; Pretoria Art Museum; Durban Art Gallery; Ann Bryant Gallery, East Lodnon; William Humphreys Gallery, Kimberly; Albany Museum, Grahamstown; Queenstown Art Gallery; Rembrandt Art Foundation; Johannesburg Art Gallery; Wits Galleries

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