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Historical Artist - Crosland Robinson (1858 - 1930)

Crosland Robinson was born in Yorkshire, England 1858 - 1930

Art Education
Crosland Robinson studied art at the Dresden Academy.

Short Artist Biography
- 1885 Crosland Robinson visited South Africa.
- 1895 Returned to settle permanently in Cape Town; became principal of the Old Cape Town School of Art.
- 1897 Founder-member of South African Society of Artists; subsequently president 1904 to 1907.
- 1909 to 1915 Very active in art-circles; painted landscapes and portraits some watercolours; long associated with Constance Penstone whom he married on the death of her first husband; remained active in art until he died as a result of being hit by a tram-car.

Art Exhibitions
- 1902 First South African Society of Artists Exhibition, Cape Town.
- 1905 Royal Academy.
- 1924 South African Art, Empire Exhibition, Wembley.
- 1924 to 1927 South African Academy Exhibitions, Johannesburg.
- 1953 Rhodes Centenary Art Exhibition, Bulawayo.
- 1957 ' Founders of Painting at the Cape since 1857' South African National Art Gallery.

Public Art Collections
South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town; Albany Museum, Grahamstown; Africana Museum, Johannesburg.

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