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Historical Artist - Anna Vorster (1928 - 1990)

Anna Vorster was born in Hartebeesfontein, South Africa 1928 - 1990

Art Education
1948-52: University of Wits (BA Fine Arts); won a two-year postgraduate scholarship to study abroad
1952--53: Slade School, London.
1953--54: under Andre Lhote, Paris.
1955-56: University Education Diploma.
1964: under Stanley William Hayter, Atelier 17, Paris.

Short Artist Biography
Following her first European studies, Anna Vorster toured the Continent; exhibited in London; her work was well-received; her style analytical with Cubist influence.
1954-6: Anna Vorster returned to South Africa and took an educational diploma qualifying her to teach English and Art.
1958-62: Anna Vorster art-critic to `Die Transvaler', Johannesburg.
1960: Anna Vorster toured and painted in Israel, Greece and Turkey.
1962: Anna Vorster taught at Wits Tech Art School; linear elements acquiring prominence in her semi-abstract style; studies of landscape and rockformations.
1963/4: Anna Vorster worked in Greece, Rome and Paris; translated Harold Jeppe's `South African Artists' into Afrikaans.
1965: Painted in Namib Desert with Maud Sumner.
1967: Anna Vorster appointed lecturer in Fine Art, UNISA; soon withdrew from formal teaching to concentrate on her own work, but continued to assist students in her private studio.
1970: upon her marriage, Anna Vorster moved to Cape Town; attracted by coastal themes and harbour subjectmatter; shift to more figurative approach with series of paintings of yachts, Boland landscape, figure studies.
1976: Anna Vorster returned to Pretoria: infrequent exhibitions.

Art Exhibitions
1953: first one-man art exhibition, London; group-exhibitions, London.
1955: first South African one-man exhibition, Jhb, CT and Pta.
1956: First Quad of South African Art.
1960: Second Quad of South African Art.
1963: Sao Paulo Bien.
1964: Third Quad of South African Art; Women's International Art Club exhibitions, London, Athens. 1965: Prestige Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum.
1966: Republi Fest Exhibition, Pretoria.
1969: Quinquennial of South African Art.
1971: Republic Fest Exhibition, Cape Town.
1978/9: `Art in South Africa' touring USA.
1979: `Watercolours from South Africa' Nuremberg, West Germany.
1981: Republic Fest Exhibition, Durban

Public Art Collections
South African National Gallery, Cape Town; Pretoria Art Museum; Durban Art Gallery; William Humphreys Gallery, Kimberley; Johannesburg Art Gallery; Hester Rupert Gallery, UNISA,
Pietersburg Collection


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