Vienna, the Capital of Austria and once the Habsburg monarchy’s crowning glory, ruled over not just much of Europe but many parts of the world. Today it’s one most livable cities in the world.

When we think of Vienna, we think of classical music, the Opera, Wurstel stands, Sacher Torte and majestic palaces that line the Ringstrasse in the city’s Altstadt. Not only is Vienna’s rich history famous for the aforementioned, but many consider it the first European city to embrace coffee and the famous café culture. Traditional coffee houses are still a staple on any intrepid explorer’s menu to the capital. These days, not only you can indulge in a classic Viennese coffee and cake, but you can enjoy a coffee with a twist. Have you ever tried CBD-infused coffee? Here’s our list of Viennese cafes and shops where you can relax with a “CBD” infused hot tonic, maybe a cheeky strudel on the side, or where to pick up the oils themselves. 

CBD oils and products

CBD oils and products

What is CBD?

Let’s start by explaining what CBD is. CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. It is a fundamental element of medical marijuana, while its oil is a cannabis extract. Although it is a component of marijuana, it won’t get you “high”, as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the one that invokes that sensation. CBD oil is a mixture of CBD and hemp seed oil or coconut oil and is considered to reduce anxiety, stimulate appetite and treat pain without causing psychoactive effects. If you wonder if it is legal to consume it, don’t worry, as almost every European country legalized it.

 Although it is a component of marijuana, it won’t get you “high”, as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the one that invokes that sensation.

CDB oil in Coffee

CDB oil in Coffee

What are CBD infused drinks and food

Drinks and food infused by CBD are getting trendier with each new day. Think of this – you feel anxious or stressed, and you want to relax while enjoying your food or drink. Well, CBD-infused drinks and food can help you. But remember, these products will not serve to get you “high”, rather help you reduce insomnia, stress or relieve inflammation-related pain. There are numerous products infused with CBD: coffee, cocktails, various types of food, honey, even sparkling water, you name it. As the CBD market is developing and becoming more profitable (currently at around $2.1 billion), the number of varieties of products constantly grows with it. Now, let’s see some of the best spots to find them in Vienna.

There are numerous products infused with CBD: coffee, cocktails, various types of food, honey, even sparkling water


Apple strudel in Vienna

Apple strudel in Vienna


We are starting the list from a place outside the centre of Vienna, perfect if you are located a little further from the innerstadt. GreenSteam is a shop situated in the 13th district, in Hietzing. Although it is not placed in the bull’s-eye of the city, this shop offers a big assortment of CBD products, selling Vape products and liquids, four types of CBD flowers, all delicately made in Vienna. We can also recommend the locally produced CBD oil available in their shop. 

They are located at Speisinger Straße 71, 1130 Wien.


Aïda proudly names itself the world-famous place for the most delicious Viennese coffee. This cafe offers diversity when it comes to coffee, starting from Cappuccino all the way up to their famous “Beauty coffee”, which mixes Espresso, ice cubes, cold water, and milk. However, they are not only famous for their drinks but also their food, as they make the renowned pastry of Vienna – Apple Strudel! They also offer hemp brownies which you can also order online. Imagine the heavenly deliciousness of the combination of cocoa dough, chocolate, walnuts and hemp flavour. Yup, they have them there. If you want to try one of these delicacies, Aïda has more than 30 locations around Vienna.

CBD shops Wien

The OG’s Premium CBD

Located in Neubau, the 7th district, this shop matches the cool this part of the city is famous for. If you find yourself in this district, you should definitely visit the Originals. OG’s premium produces and serves various CBD products like Premium Oil, CBD pet food, hemp tea and vaporizers. 

They are located at Neubaugasse 86, 1070 Vienna.


cbd oils

cbd oils

Magu CBD

If you want to try CBD oil made directly by the institution that sells it, you will choose Magu CBD. Besides their own CBD oil, they make “CBDeus”, which is the first CBD that dissolves 100% in water and is available as a gel, spray, serum with mint, lemon or neutral aroma.

They can be found in two locations: Stiftgasse 19, 1070 Vienna, and Auhof Center, 1140 Vienna.

Cannabis products

Cannabis products

Evergreen Hemp Shop CBD Vienna

If you are picky and are looking for a considerable number of choices, Evergreen Hemp Shop is an excellent place for you. It offers a large assortment of regional hemp specialties and related merchandise. A big part of their offer consists of a fantastic range of hemp foods and cosmetics.

They are located at Kettenbrückengasse 8, 1040 Vienna.

Bushplanet Citygrow

In the biggest shopping street in Vienna, for more than a decade Bushplanet have offered a variety of cannabis growing equipment and gardening supplies. Grow tents, lighting, irrigation systems, seeds, soils, pots, ventilation systems, filters, trimmers, whatever you need! They actually have multiple stores in and around Vienna.

The city centre shop is located at Mariahilfer Str. 115, 1060 Wien, Austria