Writing an essay isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do; it is often a daunting prospect for any would-be writer. Although some people are natural talents, not everyone is a born writer.

This task is even more challenging if you are a student and must write essays as part of your curriculum and not because of your own will. That’s why many students delegate their assignments to EssayService, a professional academic writing service. Much more goes into making an essay, and it needs to be split into manageable parts, such as planning, scheduling, researching, and then writing. Find time and check free essay writing samples as it is a weight off your mind. The struggle can be minimized if you follow the right steps, and once you learn how to write a terrific essay, you can implement the same techniques to practically any piece of academic writing.
If you would like to improve your essays, here are a few tips that can help you.

What to write?

Know what the prompt means

 This might sound easy and simple, but these things need to be understood before you begin constructing the essay. Even if the essay is wonderfully expressed, the failure to comprehend and adequately answer the essay question is one of the most typical reasons behind a disappointing grade. While reading the prompt, you have to ask yourself these questions:

  • “What is the essay topic?” – If you miss the essay’s topic, there is no point in reading it, no matter how beautifully composed.
  • “How long does the essay need to be?” – Sometimes, you may feel creative and write a lengthy essay, but it will miss the point if you are asked to be short and concise.
  • “What research do I need to comprehend the topic fully?” – Depending on your knowledge about the subject, you should evaluate how much of the additional research you need to understand the topic of an essay fully.
  • “Is the prompt asking for my thought, the opinion from scholarly sources or facts?”
  • “Can I apply what we have covered in class to this essay topic, and how?” 

 The moment you answer these questions, you can start with your essay’s construction.


Essay in progress

Picking a topic

If you are given the freedom to pick a topic, you have to be wise when you choose. First, think about your points of interest. If you select an essay close to your interests, you will manage the topic much easier and better. But, this isn’t the end of the process because you have to adjust it to the required length. Some topics can be too broad, meaning it will be difficult to find what you need to concentrate on and prevent you from hitting the objective. On the other hand, a too narrow subject may not provide you with enough data to write your essay. And lastly, think about the goal of your writing. Are you writing a descriptive essay or the one that compares and contrasts, argues an issue or analyzes? Each has its own flow and form and is different from another. If you pass these steps successfully, you will ease the difficulty of writing your essay.

Have a plan

A good plan gets half the job done. That is why you need one when writing an essay, and you should start making it as soon as you are given the essay question. Dissect it into several sections, such as mapping the essay chapters, collecting the articles, starting the writing, finishing the first draft, proofreading, and finally handing in the essay. It comes to you if you will include more steps or shorten it to fewer, as long as you cover your essay with your plan. Additionally, create a schedule with deadlines for each section. This will help you commit to them and ensure that you will not have a massive amount of work right before your deadline.

Credible sources and research

When acquiring the information for your essay, it is crucial that it is supported by credible sources to ensure that the information you are declaring is accurate. However, it is not always easy to differentiate credible from unreliable sources, considering countless information existing on the internet. Examples of suitable sources are academic journals, textbooks, books written by accredited authors that you will easily find in various libraries, but also online scholarly databases like Google Scholar. You definitely should avoid Wikipedia since it allows various people to edit information and, which leads to dubious accuracy at times. Other unreliable sources are forums, magazine articles and unverified online sources. If you do thorough research for your essays, your writing paper will be more accurate and trusted.

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What common office supply item did Gimbel’s department store in new york first sell oct. 29, 1945?

Ok, we are joking but once you learn all the important skills, and with a little practice, you can turn a question like this into an essay of epic proportions!

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