Art movies are a serious projection of life. They ring the bell of our hearts and make us aware of graver aspects of life.

Films about art transport our feelings to the land of the ideal. Through art films, we can visualize the artistic journey of an individual. We extract the real tonic that heals broken hearts and fills them with the zeal of life.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best films on Art that are worth watching. You could download Art films from Pirate Bay to gain comprehensive wellness of mind. 

Benefits Of Watching Films About Art 

There are many benefits of watching films about Art. 

1. Art films not only shake out the artistic self but also work to arouse our aesthetics. Through art films, we are able to get a new perspective of life.

2. Are you stressed? Art films will definitely act to get you out of your stress and replace them with positive energy. 

3. Films on Art inspire you to be a positive person from the inside. Positivity is required in every step of your life. 

4. Films on Art are extremely informative enough so that they bring your family together. Family bonding is required to lead a stressful life.

5. Films on Art are highly informative and thought-provoking. 

7 Films About Art Worth Watching


There are art films galore that work to arouse our aesthetic senses and help us with a new perspective of life. We will be discussing seven highly informative Art films as well as thought-provoking. 

1. A Visit To Picasso 

A visit to Picasso is one of the brightest expressions of Artwork to the summit. Directed by Paul Haesaerts, a Belgian Filmmaker the film shows Pablo Picasso, immersed in the ocean of Art, painting on glass at his home in Vallauris.

The film provides a thrilling experience to the audience regarding Art and an artist’s dedication to its Art.

Through a twenty-minute show, Hearts show how Art could be equated with life.

2. Portrait of A Lady On Fire

An extremely Arty representation of life, French Director Celine Sciamma tells a story regarding the forbidden love of young artists and the daughter of a wealthy family.

The film is noteworthy for its intricate projection of Art and skillful use of natural sounds of waves, painting brush, and Cracking fire.

This acts to turn the entire projection profoundly charming as well as tragic.

3. Freida 

Directed by Salema Hayek, the film showcases the private and professional life of Mexican painter Frida Kahol.

There it was seen that the artist fearlessly gives political opinions and views. The film also shows the life brimmed with struggles and hardships of the artist during its relationship with Diego Rivera and Leon Trotsky.

The film is undoubtedly thought-provoking.

4. The Agony Of The Ecstasy 

This is another great film on Art directed by British director Carol Reed.

The story revolved around Michelangelo (played by Charles Heston) and Rex Harrisonsd when they were engaged in the painting of the Sistine C happens.

This also acts to reflect the conflicting views on life and Art, which arouse the interest of the audience.

5. Girl With A Pearl Earring 

The film portrays the pleasant relationship between Young Griet, a maid in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer and Vermeer, the artist himself.

In the course of the movie, it was shown that the painter went on to provide deeper lessons on Art to the lady. 

6. Memory Of A Geisha 

In the story Chiyu, the protagonist goes through a painful journey to become an Artist.

The film shows how the talent of Chiyu evolved through discipline; rigorous training went on to become a Sayuri, one of the most famous geishas (artists) the province has ever witnessed.

7. Painters Painting 

Famous documentarian Emeli De Antonio documents the Artwork. The story went on the project Abstract Expressionism of Pop Art brought to life through the actions of the character appearing on the scene.

The film is remarkable for projecting the explosive period of Creativity in Art History.


All the films that are discussed here are fine projections of Art. These films are highly thought-provoking as well as arresting.

The directors did a commendable job in making the film’s masterclass. So do not just wait to watch the movies.