As an up-and-coming modern artist, utilsing social media is not only useful, it’s basically a must to get your work out there.

Technology is all around us, and it is not something new. Still, more than ever, it also serves as an essential tool for artists. Along with the fact that new technology helps artists create stunning art, it also helps them promote it through various platforms. As a social network, Instagram has conquered the world, with hundreds of millions (500 million active users in 2019) of people sharing their content with their friends and followers. Some users share photos of them with their friends and families. Some of them share tutorials of various kinds, and some use it as a platform to promote their creativity. You can use to promote your art, or your business, whatever it might be: anything from a clothing business to a best assignment writing service. There are no limits if you know what to do.

Instagram is a platform that generously rewards creativity. Nothing is more creative than art, and we can find it in countless shapes. However, it is not always easy to make a breakthrough, and sometimes promoting your art can be tough, but here are some ways to promote your art on Instagram.

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Hashtags are important

Hashtags are important

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a very important element for boosting the promotion of your artwork, and they can help your posts get the extra attention you want. They are also very helpful when you want your post to reach people outside your circle of followers. They can be powerful tools for your promotion if you use them properly. That is why you should always use them for your posts. The question is: Which ones and how many? Your hashtags have to be relevant to what you do; they need to be part of your artistic identity. That is why only #art will not be enough and a deeper description of your art style, for example, #landscapephotography #naturephotography #panoramicphoto #panoramicart etc. And about the numbers, according to some research, use a minimum of 11 hashtags that will describe your art the best.

Use a minimum of 11 hashtags that will describe your art the best.

Focus on your feed

Instagram feed is something that will give the first impression to your followers; that is why it has to be your focal point. Instagram is all about aesthetics, which applies to your feed, especially when you are an artist. The expectation is higher! That is why you want to make it as appealing as you can, and you can do it in several ways. First and foremost is to use a similar predominant colour palette in your feed photos, preferably with lighter colours. Lighter colours attract more attention, so make sure you take your photos during the day using natural light. If you need to edit your photos, you can use apps like Lightroom, VSCO, or Snapseed. They can enhance your photos superbly, so consider them as your helping tools. Also, create a pattern or a story, try to make a theme on your feed, as it will give higher value to your profile altogether.



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An artist hard at work

An artist hard at work

Don’t forget to include yourself

People enjoy using Instagram to get a look at the behind-the-scenes of someone’s life. This is why you should include yourself in some of the photos and give them a more personal feeling and association with your artwork. You can make videos of yourself painting, and you can share the updates of the process of a painting you are making. Make a video talking about your artwork, its theme, materials, and techniques that you use to make your art. This can catch the attention of new followers and gallerists and curators. Show yourself covered in some paint having fun painting, create an entertaining atmosphere and you will additionally catch the interest of everyone around you and show a genuine image of you.


An artist's studio

An artist’s studio

Find support

Don’t forget, Instagram is still a social media platform, so being social can be very beneficial for you and your art getting seen. To build a bigger supporting community, start making new friendships and follow other artists around you. Like their artwork, comment on it, even post their art on your story promoting their content. Some of them will be appreciative, and they might do the same for you, which will be very beneficial for you in the long run. Find artists that will share art like yours, and with more appealing art, you will have bigger chances for your artwork to be shared. And with more artists connected with you, sharing your content the same way you do will catch new followers’ eyes and the audience you are looking for.


How to do art commissions on Instagram

Ultimately, if you want to be an artist full-time, you need to make sales. Art commissions form an important part of an Artist’s income. Having a strategy is imperative, so learning from those with experience is the best way go forward.

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