When students write their essays, they face various obstacles. Each piece has a different purpose and so must be written in a concrete manner. Besides, students have to write essays in various academic subjects, and art is one of them. It is a very specific subject, and it puzzles a lot of young minds, especially when they write an art analysis essay.

As students do not want to lose vital grades, they look for various academic helping options. Thus, CustomWritings essay writing service is one of the greatest helping sites for students from all over the globe. It can easily handle an art analysis essay, as well as any other piece of writing in any academic direction. We will return to this possibility later. In the meanwhile, we offer ten tips for writing an art analysis essay.

Decide What to Analyze

Your first step is to decide what topic (or masterpiece) should be analyzed. You ought to choose a good topic, which will be:

  • Relevant;
  • Interesting;
  • Meaningful;
  • Helpful.

As for concrete topics, we can recommend the following options:

  1. The main similarities between architecture in Germany and the Czech Republic.
  2. What are the differences between art culture in Europe and the USA?
  3. Why is Mona Lisa that famous?
  4. The greatest artwork of Pablo Picasso.
  5. The influence of Rembrandt on people.

What Should Be Mentioned

Before you begin your analysis, you should ask and answer the right questions. Make allowances for them:

  • What kind of art is it?
  • What is the genre?
  • Who is the author?
  • When was it created?
  • Where was it created?
  • Who or what is presented?
  • What materials were used to create the piece?
  • Are the objects or people famous?
  • Is it an action or a story?
  • What role do details play?
  • How is the piece described?
  • Is there any symbolic meaning?

These and all similar things must be answered in your analysis. As you can see, there are a lot of them. Therefore, make a checklist before you start to write, and you will not miss them.

Give Heed to the Most Important Issues

Now, you should consider certain things, which help to understand the masterpiece. These are as follows:

  • Lines;
  • Shapes;
  • Textures;
  • Light;
  • Time;
  • Space;
  • Colors;
  • Patterns;
  • Motion.

Form a Strong Thesis Statement

You should write a good thesis statement, which will be the foundation of your paper. As it is the central idea of the entire analysis, you should build the rest of your paper around it. Make sure it clearly explains the purpose of your topic and your viewpoint.

For example, a good thesis statement may sound like this: Architecture in Germany and the Czech Republic are very similar because they are neighbors.

Describe the Piece of Art

Your task is also to simply describe the masterpiece. No matter what it is, you should mention:

  • Design;
  • Form;
  • Genre;
  • Subject;
  • Provenance, etc.

Besides, you should dwell upon the emotions you feel when looking at the concrete piece. Your thoughts and feelings are likewise important.

Check the Principles of Design

Another thing to consider is the design of a masterpiece. They are compulsory because they give a full understanding of the piece. Be sure to mention:

  • Emphasis;
  • Unity;
  • Variety
  • Symmetry;
  • Asymmetry;
  • Subordination
  • Scale;
  • Volume;
  • Rhythm;
  • Setting;
  • Proportion;
  • Interior;
  • Exterior, etc.

Stick to the Present Tense

If you write an analysis essay about a certain piece of art, you should use the present tense. It is a standard rule, and you should follow it because many students forget about it. Accordingly, they lose essential grades.

Use Exact Matches

You ought to be specific. Oftentimes, students use inappropriate words of art. For example, a “photograph” may be more suitable than a “picture.” Give heed to such details, and you will avoid many mistakes.

Check Grammar

Make sure you will revise your art analysis essay at least two times. Remember that no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes from time to time. If you take a look at the previous sections of our guide, you will realize how many things must be taken into account. You may easily miss something, as well as simply make grammatical and other kinds of mistakes. Obligatorily pay attention to:

  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Word choice;
  • Punctuation;
  • Stylistics;
  • Format, etc.

When you reread your art analysis essay, apply various methods, such as reading aloud or from the last line to the first line. Besides, you may apply a good grammar checker. For example, we recommend trying Grammarly.

It is a very resourceful and helpful application. It scans any texts in a few seconds and underlines the errors. Moreover, it offers correct variants, and you can fix what’s wrong by clicking on the error. The app can be installed on your Microsoft Office and browser. Thus, you may scan documents at any suitable time. Just be sure you have a good Internet connection. Mind that this apple scans plagiarism, and you may define which parts are non-unique to improve them.

Use a Good Essay Writing Service

At times, various obstacles do not allow students to write good pieces or submit them on time. This is when you may use the help of one of the reliable custom essay writing services. Define which one suits your academic aims the best and begin your collaboration. It will be productive and successful.

You will have a rich choice of experts who will be able to meet all your academic needs. Among them are:

  • Writing;
  • Analyzing;
  • Outlining;
  • Citing;
  • Referencing;
  • Rewriting;
  • Researching, etc.

Of course, professional experts will cover any topic in any academic subject, including art. This last 10th tip is given as a “rescue plan” when nothing else helps. Of course, you will have to pay for professional assistance, but the prices are affordable for students as they are the main targeted audience. Simply research the current market to define the average price. You should also research what services can be 100% trustworthy. Beware of fakes!

The Bottom Line

Our informative guide has illustrated ten tips, which help to write an art analysis in essays. They are universal, and it is good news for you. They suit merely any essay type, including an analysis of art. Follow these great tips, and don’t forget that a dependable custom writing service may solve overly complex and urgent tasks fast and easily.