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canadian artist Monique JarryMonique JARRY - Canadian Artist, Oil Painting, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Monique Jarry graduated from ‘’L’École des Beaux Arts de Montréal’’. Her works, as she says, are a pictorial diary of her life and times. Colourful and imaginative her works are a critical comment on society as a hole and the plight of men and women trying to attain fulfilment. Sometimes done with humour, sometimes laced with cynicism, sometimes dark, but always inviting the viewer to reflect on our reality...

Israeli Featured ArtistMiriam JASKIEROWICZ ARMAN - Israeli Artist, Three Dimensional Glass Fusion, Mixed Media, Pastel
Maestra Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman Internationally renowned Author, Vocal Pedagogue, Lecturer and Int’l. Fine Artist After many years of absence from Israel, Ms. Jaskierowicz Arman has forged an impressive international career on all levels of her expertise. Here she is presenting her first “Soul Reflections” Retrospective Exhibition at the Yad Shitrit Cultural Center...

Canadian Artist Daniel Jean-BaptisteDaniel JEAN-BAPTISTE - Canadian Artist, Batik Silk Painting
Born to Dutch Jewish and African, Kalinago Carib descent, Daniel Jean-Baptiste is a Caribbean artist living in the  paradise of St. Lucia where sunny  skies and abundant water life  provide constant inspiration. His artwork depict  underwater scenes, game fish and their  prey, tropical botanical themes and exotic animals...

french artist Jeannette JohnstonJeannette JOHNSTON - French Artist, Oil Painting
An online art gallery and store. I try to capture the natural beauty, and warm, bright light of the south of France in my palette knife paintings...

united states artist Muller Jean FrancoisMuller JEAN FRANCOIS - United States Artist, Painting
Hello, my name is Muller Jean Francois. I’am a artist, whose art represents the world. My inspiration for my artwork comes from my dreams, and feelings. Images you can’t see, I can transfer those images in my artwork. My styles of paintings are: abstract, oil, acylic...

United States Artist Bob JonesBob Jones - United States Artist, Pen and Ink
I do commissions and fine art prints...

Leila JABRE-JUREIDINI - Lebanese Artist, Bronze Sculptures and Acrylic Painting
Sonia JACKA - South African Artist, Oil Painting
Barry JACKSON - South African Artist, Bronze Sculpture
David JAGEN - United Kingdom Artist, Oil Paintings
Jelena JAKOVLJEVIC - Maltese Artist, Photography
Rosetta JALLOW - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylic, Watercolour Pencil, Oils, Pen and Ink, Graphite, Encaustic Wax, Mixed Media
Robert JANKULOSKI - Australian Artist, Mixed Media
Frits JANSE - Dutch Artist, Oil painting, Acrylics, Pencil
Riekie JANSE v RENSBURG - South African Artist, Oil Painting
Roseann JANZEN - Canadian Artist, Oil, acrylic, mixed media
Nikoloz (Nick) JAPARIDZE - Georgian Artist, Oil Paintings
Jolita JARUTIENE - United Kingdom Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Jo Anna JARVIS - United States Artist, Mixed Media
Annelise JARVIS HANSEN - Danish Artist, Oil Painting
Barbara JASKIEWICZ - Polish Artist, Oil Paintings
Andrew JASTER - Canadian Artist, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
Maritza JAUREGUI - United States Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Watercolor, Mixed media
Melissa JEAN - Canadian Artist, Oil and Acrylic Paintings
Tracy JOLLY - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media
Festa JOUBERT - South African Artist, Oil painting, Acrylics, Gouache, Ink, Pencil, Chalk, Charcoal, Scraper board, Mixed Media
Nebojsa JOVANOVIC - Canadian Artist, Acrylics
Michael JEFFERY - Australian Artist, Acrylic Paint Skins, Spray Enamel and Photographic Iimages on Canvas
Jason JENKINS - United States Artist, Acrylic
Palle Finn JENSEN - Danish Artist, Paintings
JET III - United States Artist, All Media
JEZEL - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylics, Oil Paintings
Julio JIMENEZ - Spanish Artists, Photography
Earl JOHNSON - United States Artist, Pencil, Charcoal, Chalk, Pen, Pastel
Richard JOHNSON - United States Artist, Oil on Canvas
Sylvea JOHNSON - United States Artist, Mixed Media Painting
Jeannette JOHNSTON - French Artist, Oil Painting
Helen JONES - Spanish Artists, Oil Paintings
Mila JONES - Canadian Artist, Acrylics
Rhonda JONES - United States Artist, Acrylic on Canvas
Scott JONES - United States Artist, Paintings
Trevor JONES - United Kingdom Artist, Mixed Media
Johan JONSSON - Swedish Artist, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Ella JOOSTEN - Dutch Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Lydia JOSEPH - Swiss Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Therese JOSEPH - Canadian Artist, Acrylics
Glen JOSSELSOHN - South African Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Josephine JOST-CROUS - South African Artist, Mixed Media
Gabriel JUAREZ - Peruvian Artist, Oil on Canvas
Miroslava JURCIK - Australian Artist, Photography


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