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Norwegian artist Liz RavnLiz RAVN - Norwegian Artist, Digital Art, Mixed Media
My paintings is a celebration to life, with a playful, experimental and uplifting joy. If I can influence other people positively through my work, leading to an uplifting state of mind, I have succeeded! Inspiration probably comes from somewhere I can not put a name on, a creative bank we all have access to, I think... I begin a picture just by playing and experimenting, and when I'm in the right flow, I become "one" with the picture...

United States Artist JosefPeter RoemerJosefPeter ROEMER - United States Artist, Painting, Oil, and  Mixed Media
JosefPeter doesn't have any great philosophical statement to make about why he creates the art he does. He paints what he likes and makes a comment on that in his interpretation of the subject matter at the time that is of importance to him. The majority of his work is figurative in a narrative fashion...

united states artist Ash ReTechAsh RETECH - United States Artist, Reclaimed Machines
Functional art created by repurposing the remains of old machines. ReTech is the vision of one man lost in the noise of the post industrial collapse. In 2052 Asher began transmitting back to the early part of the 21st century. Once perfected the material transmission of his art began in 2055...

Canadian artist Ursula RettichUrsula E. RETTICH - Canadian Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media
I am a person who needs solitude while painting. My ideas start by looking at one of the many photos I take all year round, and by recalling the mood of that particular day and what I felt at the time. Then again, some of those images pop in my mind just while thinking about a particular incident or location...

Anne RIGNEY - Irish Artist, Mixed Media
Working mainly in an abstract style, Anne Rigney is a mixed-media visual artist/sculptor based County Roscommon, Ireland...

Justin ROSE - United States Artist, Steel, Aluminum, Metal
We design and build driveway gates with plasma cut artistic designs in any size. Our designs include farm and ranch themes, nature and outdoors, tree themes, sports, or anything else you can imagine. If you are looking for ornate, decorative driveway gates we ship them nationwide...

Paul Rose irish artistsPaul ROSE - Irish Artist, Oil/ Acrylic, and Mixed Media Painting
I began painting in 2005 after I was assaulted at work while nursing and as a result of this became mentally ill with depression, PTSD depression, PTSD and a physical disability,  and unable to return to nursing duties. During this time I found art to be very helpful. My artistic practice is engaged with social, cultural and identity stemming from feelings and memories and consider my work as a journey through life...

Italian Artist Anna RubinAnna RUBIN - Italian Artist, Oil on Belgium Linen
Anna's emphasis on beauty allows her to create stunning art paintings for her clients, whether through her annual collections or through personalised artwork commissions. Anna accepts fine art commissions from private art collectors and investors as well as from commercial and government organisations...

Tiela RABIE - South African Artist, Mixed Media
Morgan RALSTON - Canadian Artist, Acrylic, Charcoal
- South African Artist, Acrylics and Pencil
RAGUNATH - Indian Artist, Oil Painting
Jeganathan RAMACHANDRAM - Malaysian Artist, Arcylic on canvas
Raj RAMESAR - South African Artist, Watercolours and Acrylics
Dora RAPHAEL - Canadian Artist, Oils, Acrylics, Pencil
Andrew RAPUTO - Russian Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Watercolours
RAYANDA - Canadian Artist, Acrylics, Photography, Digital Art
Ramaz RAZMADZE - Georgian Artist, Oil Paintings
Ruth READ - United States Artist, Oil Paintings
Suelene REBOUCAS - Brazilian Artist, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Photography, Digital Art

Laura REDMOND - United Kingdom Artist, 3d imaging, Photography, digital brush
Ka-Son REEVES - United States Artist, Acrylics
Tjerk REIJINGA - Dutch Artist, Oil Paintings
Van RENSELAR - United Kingdom Artist, Mixed Media Paintings
Roland Rafael REPCZUK - German Artist, Oil Paintings
Reuel REVERE - South African Artist, Oil Paintings
Cecilia REVOL NUNEZ - Argentine Artist, Oil Paintings
Joseph REYES - Canadian Artist, Pen and Ink, Acrylic, Mixed Media
Elena REZNIKOVA - Russian Artist, Silk Painting
Leisa RICH - United States Artist, Fiber
Jace RICHARDE - Canadian Artist, Acrylics
Sarah RICHARDS - South African Artist, Bronze Sculpture
Maria RICHARDSON - Australian Artist, Sculpture
Ian RIDPATH - Canadian Artist, Oil Painting
Valérie RINDOFF PETROFF - French Artist, Mixed Media Paintings
Derek ROBERTS - United Kingdom Artist, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour
Alison ROBINSON - United Kingdom Artist, Watercolour and Acrylic
Martyn ROBINSON - Argentine Artist, Watercolours, Acrylics
Maria Elena RODRIQUEZ LA ROSA - Peruvian Artist, Sculptures, Paintings
Maite RODRIGUEZ - Spanish Artist, Oil Paintings
Christopher ROE - United States Artist, Acrylics
Miroslaw ROGALA - United States Artist, Multi-Media, Digital and Installation Art
Fernando ROLLA - Brazilian Artist, Oil Painting
Catherine ROLLE - South African Artist, Painting
Bernard ROMAIN - French Artist, Paintings, Sculpture
Caroline ROSE - United Kingdom Artist, Mixed Media Collage
Chris ROSE - Canadian Artist, Sculpture
Silvia ROSSI - Italian Artist, Acrylics
Michael ROSSITER - Australian Artist, Oil Paintings & Pencil Drawings
Hanne Charlotte ROSENMEIER - Danish Artist, Acrylics
Ben ROTMAN - Israeli Artist, Mixed Media
Sabrina ROWAN HAMILTON - United Kingdom Artist, Oil Paintings
Natasha RUMBELOW - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylics
Nedra RUSS - United States Artist, Oil Paintings
Marc RUSSO - United States Artist, New Media
Marianne RUST - South African Artist, Oil, Mixed Media, Acrylics


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