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Israeli Artist Leah GerberLeah GERBER - Israeli Artist, Jewelry
While I'm working on a specific project, it is very important for me to be totally enthralled with the item that I'm creating. Sometimes, when I say "That's it! That's what I wanted!" ( and many designs never do reach that stage, and are discarded), I feel that the joy I felt in the creative process will pass to the person, who ultimately wears jewelry I designed and it will bring her happiness...

Agatha Grima maltese artistAgatha GRIMA - Maltese Artist, Mixed Media
Having studied conservation of Fine Arts, my abstract art is produced with a fresh and timeless approach. My aim is to travel around the world with my art. My abstracts have been termed as strong yet calming and sometimes even defined as Baroque. My paintings are my quest towards who I am. They are the result of my conservation studies in ancient techniques and methodologies...

Dwijen Gupta indian artistDwijen GUPTA - Indian Artist, Water color and Acrylic
Started drawing, copying divine images at sub 10 age. Later graduated in visual art from Govt College of Art and Craft from Kolkata India. Professional carrier as artist spans about 40 years.Participated in solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad. Participated in Florence Biennial expo.Works have been collected in India and abroad. Awarded for water color works in India...

Bertrand GADAL - United Kingdom Artist, Printed Media on Canvas
Amiria GALE - New Zealand Artist, Acrylic and Mixed Media
Lily GALE - Dutch Artist, Oil Painting, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Gino GALEA - Maltese Artist, Photography
Marti GARAUGHTY - Artist From Canada, Acrylic Paintings on Canvas
Marta GARCIA - United States Artist, Photography
Ana María GARCÍA RUIZ - Spanish Artist, Oil Paintings
Caroline Despres GARNIER - French Artist, Watercolors and oil paintings
Ken GARRETT - New Zealand Artist, Oil, Mixed Media, Acrylic and watercolour
Nancy M. GARRETT - United States Artist, Acrylics, Watercolors, Pastels, Mixed Media

GARTNER - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
Rose Mary GATES - United States Artist, Oil Painting, Pastels, Mixed Media
Marko GAVRILOVIC - Serbian Artist, Paintings
Gian GENTA - Italian Artist, Ceramic's, sculptures
Krista Gail GERWING - Swiss Artist, Oils, Watercolours, Gouaches, Mixed Media, Graphite, Pen and Ink
Ernie GERZABEK - Australian Artist, Acrylics, Wood
Eduardo GIL - Argentine Artist, Photography, Video, Mixed Media
Laura GILFEDDER - United States Artist, Watercolors
Frederick GINGELL - Maltese Artist, Oil Paintings
Sharon GIRDWOOD - Artist From Canada, Feather paintings and pencil drawings
Walter GIROTTO - Italian Artist, Mixed Media
Janet  GLATZ - United States Artist, Acrylic
Rosana GLAZER - Israeli Artist, Mosaics
Heather GLEASON - United States Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media
James GOBEL - South African Artist, Oil Painting
Joyce GODEN - United States Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylics
Christine GOLDBECK - United States Artist, Mixed Media Painting, Collage, Digital Art, Photography
David GOLDNER - United States Artist, Mixed Media, Hand Painted Photography
Janet GOLDNER - United States Artist, Sculpture, Video
Pavel GOLIK - Ukranian Artist, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Simon GONZALES - United States Artist, Oil Painting, Black Pen
All GORE - Chilean Artist, Oil Painting
Jojy GORSKI - Polish Artist, Oil on Canvas
Olga GOUSKOVA - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
Vijay GOVENDER - United States Artist, Mixed Media, Photography, Digital
Ben GRACE - United States Artist, Giclees, Ganvas Prints, Photography
Charlie GRACE - United Kingdom Artist, Oil portraits
Patrick GRACEWOOD - United States Artist, Wood, Bronze and Cast Stone Sculptures
Valeriy GRACHOV - Ukranian Artist, Painting, Watercolor, Tempera, Oil
Justin GRAHAM - Australian Artist, Oil Painting
Archie GRANOT - Israeli Artist, Papercuts
Yvette GRANSKI - United States Artist, Oil Paintings
Dan GRANT - Artist From Canada, Acrylics
LD GRANT - United States Artist, Mixed Media
Francois GOUWS - South African Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Silkscreen
Zoe GRACE - United Kingdom Artist, Mixed Media
Gregory Graham GRANT - United States Artist, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphite, Charcoal
Birgit GRAPENTIN - Australian Artist, Sculpture
Sherrard GRAUER - Artist From Canada, Paintings, Sculpture
A GRAVES - United States Artist, Beading
Susan GRAVES-WALKER - Artist From United Kingdom, Mixed Media
Jeffrey GREEN - United States Artist, Colored Pencils
Gisele GRENIER - Artist From Canada, Oils, Acrylics and Pastels
Sanneke GRIEPINK - Dutch Artist, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Photography
Charles GRIFFITH - Acrylics and Oil Paintings
Roger GRIFFITHS - Artist From United Kingdom, Watercolours
Stephen GRIMA - Maltese Artist, Paintings, Sculpture
Shannon GRISSOM - United States Artist, Oil Paintings
Alan GROBLER - South African Artist, Linocut
Faan and Linda GROBLER - South African Artist, Oil Painting
Sari GROVE - Artist From Canada, Sculptures
G GRUBBS - United States Artist, Painting
Michael GUNN - Artist From United Kingdom, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Photography
Samarth GUPTA - Indian Artist, Oil Painting
Marina GUTIERREZ - Artist From Puerto Rico, Silk Painting, Batik, Tie Dye
Michael GUTTERIDGE - United Kingdom Artist, Acrylics


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